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Join us in Izu at a ceramics artist’s studio for a special creative ceramics class experience. During this class, you will use an electric wheel to make your own bowl or another ceramic object. We opened “MONO FACTORY” with the concept of providing an adult and quality time ceramic experience. The venue for this experience is the ceramic artist’s private studio in the Izu-Kogen area, near Mt. Omuro and Jogasaki Coast. Izu-Kogen is a part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which is a beautiful gateway to nature. Why not visit this area and experience making pottery with an electric wheel at MONO FACTORY? You can spend a relaxing time in a hidden-away ambiance that you won’t find in a large studio. We have been welcoming foreign travelers since 2019, and we offer language support in both Japanese and English. Although I’m not a fluent English speaker yet, I will try my best to make sure you have fun. At MONO FACTORY, we value every person’s time. If you are a child or a beginner, we would love to help you create great memories of the trip by making ceramic bowls. You’re free to create the ceramic objects as you wish, whether it’s a container or a figurine. It’s also a great idea to present yourself with a bowl full of memories made in Japan or make one as a gift for your friends and family. Our ceramics experience provides peace of mind, even if it’s your first time, because our lessons are designed to teach you step by step.

Timeless Memories in Japan:

Lost in the Moment, Forgetting Time,

Flowing Through Pleasant Moments.

For some reason, always wanted to try pottery experience.

Creating Memories of a Journey, Unforgettable Experience.

Why not give it a try at MONO FACTORY?

Pottery Experience at MONO FACTORY

  • The teacher greets you with a smile and provides a lecture.
  • A simple pricing system without sudden additional charges, ensuring that the base plan is sufficient for enjoyment.
    • The basic plan includes the cost up to completion; optional fees are only for those who want specific preferences.
  • Private time not available in large studios.
  • Recommended for dates due to its cleanliness.
  • In the electric pottery wheel experience, you can choose from several creations for a better final product.
  • After making the required number of pottery pieces for firing, you can continue playing with clay for the remaining time.
  • Original training progresses gradually with a sense of gameplay, ensuring beginners feel comfortable.
  • Clear explanations provided in a logical manner.
  • Options include globally rare glazes like lava glaze and Rustic Style Finish.
  • Free rental apron . No need to prepare something ,just bring yourself !

Owner Potter * Yoshio Nakajima

I have traveled many countries. During my travels, I had many memorable encounters. This time,I would be happy if I could help you create your memories.


Additional Firing Fee

If you wish to fire more items than the basic plan allows..

Optional Fees

Customization is also available with various options

FAQ about Pottery Experience

Q1: It's my first time, but...

A1: Beginners are warmly welcomed. Creating professional-level artwork right away might seem daunting, but you'll be surprised at what you can make with pieces the size of your palm. We'll provide logical guidance to ensure that you can make functional pottery. Feel free to challenge yourself with small steps, climbing the ladder of learning through trial and error. A2: Electric wheel is fine from age 4! The smooth texture of the clay, slightly cool feel, it's all quite enjoyable. Feel free to try and fail, learn through fun and physical experience. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find it's not as difficult as you might think. Just let the wheel do the work while keeping your body and hands relaxed. You'll surely succeed when you stay calm and still.

Q2: 60-minute or 100-minute session?

A2: We recommend the 100-minute session. You might think it's a bit long, but you'll likely get so absorbed in it that time will fly by. It's an experience where you'll forget about time while touching the clay. Of course, you can still create something in the 60-minute session, which is perfect for those who want to explore various tourist spots in Izu or for those who prefer a quick activity. But you might find yourself wanting to do more! *Please note that if you arrive late, it may shorten your experience time as there may be other customers scheduled after you.

Q3: Capacity:Number of participants

A3: This activity will have a maximum of 5 travelers .If your group is more than 5 travelers, you can take turns making ceramics bowls.Minimum participant is 1 person.

Q4: Are dogs allowed?

A4: That's fine. However, due to many fragile items like unfired clay vessels within the STUDIO, we request that you work only within the designated area. If you're working on the wood deck outside the studio, it's fine to have your pet outside the designated area as long as it's on a leash. If other customers seem uncomfortable around animals, please be considerate.

Q5: Payment Methods

Q5: We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB credit card services, and QR code payment services. * All tax included.

Q6 Available Languages

A6 Offered in Japanese , English (I'm not fluent, but I can explain the experience in English. I understand most of the written English, but I may struggle with fast-paced or slang terms.Let's enjoy communicating in both Japanese and English! ), English menu.

Q7: Can I make what I want?

A7: You're welcome to create what you'd like. However, the difficulty of shaping varies depending on the form and size of the artwork. Generally, as the size of the artwork increases, even a slight increase in height, such as 1 cm, can make it more challenging. Let's enjoy starting with smaller pieces without pushing too hard! For beginners, aiming for shapes about the size of your palm tends to make for a more enjoyable experience. Let's avoid making it too much of a challenge.

Q8 How the pottery experience progresses.

A8: We first inquire about your experience level in pottery, ensuring that we tailor our instruction accordingly. You can rest assured that we adapt our teaching approach based on your level of expertise. For beginners, we provide detailed guidance, demonstrations, and practice sessions before starting the actual creation process. If you have prior experience, feel free to work at your own pace. Please let us know how you would like to spend your time during the pottery experience.

Q9: Types of clay and glazes.

A9: The basic plan's clay (recommended) is formulated to be easy to shape, even though it contains some impurities like iron. This standard clay provides ample enjoyment. However, if you're considering a bright pastel finish like blue, selecting the appropriate clay is crucial for achieving vibrant colors. We offer options for this, including white clay, black clay, porcelain clay, and seasonal variations like earthenware clay for pottery. Glazes are available as optional selections, including colors like iron-like black, white, Oribe, amber glaze, transparent celadon, and pink, among others. We custom blend these glazes according to the occasion (with over 500 recipes available; some are featured on our blog). Please feel free to inquire. Additionally, we offer unique finishes such as Rustic Surface Finish (slightly weathered appearance) and special glazes like Foam Glaze (lava glaze), exclusive to our studio.

Q10 What does it look like after firing?

A10: The base plan includes a natural ash glaze, resulting in a white glaze finish. After firing, the clay body will take on a somewhat dark hue. You can enjoy the contrast between the white glaze and the darker clay body. The color tones may vary significantly in the final product due to the firing method and kiln characteristics. Some pieces may turn out white, while others may exhibit ivory, gray, pink, blue, or other hues. Since we do not control the color using synthetic coloring agents, the results can be intriguing. The glaze included in the base plan is highly recommended, but if you prefer a different glaze, optional selections are available.

Q11: Is it possible for it to break?

A11: Since we use natural materials like clay for shaping, there's a possibility of minor cracks despite careful molding. However, the likelihood is not very high, approximately 1 in 300 cases. Cracks formed during shaping tend to expand during drying and firing processes. Additionally, if air gets trapped during molding, it can cause cracks or breakage due to thermal expansion during firing. Items with a thickness exceeding 1 cm are more prone to cracking due to drying and firing issues.

Q12 Completion period

A12: Depending on the artwork, we usually require around 1.5 to 2 months. The process for creating ceramics typically involves: Shaping (forming * part of the experience process) → Shaping (trimming the base, etc.) → Drying (1-2 weeks) → Bisque firing (1.5 days) → Glazing and underglaze painting → Final firing (2 days). *Please note that in cases of low temperatures or high humidity, as well as for larger or thicker pieces or slab-built works, additional time may be needed for drying and humidity equalization. *For urgent orders, an option is available to expedite completion for an additional fee of 2,500 Yen per item, without quantity restrictions (this involves an additional firing during drying to accelerate the process).

Q13 International Shipping

A14 :EMS International shipping is available.We use the international postal Express Mail Service(EMS) via the Japan Post Service. EMS is a top speed international mail service that delivers to over 120 countries and territories worldwide. EMS has a both a tracking system and an insurance system (in case of loss or damage up to 20.000 yen). With this service, delivery usually takes about 4 to 6 days to Europe and North America. You can track your parcel on the EMS website using the tracking number that we will inform you of at the time of shipment. Shipping fee is differ depending on your artworks weight and destination countries. In detail, you can refer to the sheet in the studio and the following link . + our handling charge 1,500Yen *+Weight of packing materials: approx. 300g *Reference weight: Approximately 500g per piece for a bowl about the size of the palm of your hand


Q14 Damage due to delivery mishap.

A14: We carefully package our items in cardboard boxes to prevent any movement of the contents during transit. If there are any cracks or flaws during firing, we include a message indicating this. In the event of any damage that appears to have occurred during delivery, please contact EMS services. Please note that we are unable to provide compensation for such incidents.

Q15 Deadline for storing the artwork

A15 If you come to the STUDIO to collect your artwork, we will keep it for six months after completion notification. Normally, artworks are completed within approximately two months after the experience. We will notify you via email. In case you haven't received any communication after three months, please check your spam or junk email folder. Moreover, if the email address provided is incorrect, we may have attempted to contact you by phone without success. When coming for pickup, please make sure to confirm our operating hours beforehand. There are occasions when we may be on temporary travel or engaged in other business activities.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy  MONO FACTORY is not a large tourist workshop but a small STUDIO. We kindly ask our customers to refrain from cancelling easily due to their convenience. If you’re unsure whether you can attend, please inquire on the day without prior booking (priority given to reservations). Please note the following cancellation fees. However, these fees do not apply in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as earthquakes.

・On the day: 100% ・Day before: 80% ・2 days before: 70% ・3 days before: 60% ・4 days before: 50%

The account for cancellation fee payments is as follows:
・Rakuten Bank, Lock Branch, Regular Account 5013304, Payee: Yoshio Nakajima, MONO FACTORY.

We are facing significant difficulties due to frequent cancellations by customers for trivial reasons. Here are some examples…

・I called to cancel but nobody answered, so I thought I didn’t need to go! OMG! Σ(・口・) ← We may not be able to answer calls during holidays, after hours, during work, or during busy times. Please contact us through alternative means such as email.
・I contacted 10 minutes before the experience due to a typhoon… (Typhoon information had been available for several days (>_<)…)
・The number of reservations equals the number of participants. Please ensure that it does not include spectators. Customer argues that they booked for 5 people but only intended to participate as 1 person…
・Suddenly got a fever 5 minutes before the reservation time…
・Duplicate reservations among group members
・I wasn’t sure if I would go, so I just made a reservation anyway
・I didn’t inform you, but I apologized now, so I don’t need to pay the cancellation fee, right??
・Decided not to go because of traffic congestion…etc

“Oh, what a day!” I exclaimed… Please review the above information.

Procedure for Booking

You can make reservations via email or reservation form.
Reservations for the next day are confirmed up to 12 hours before midnight.
Please come on time for your reservation time.
For customers coming directly.Priority will be given to the customer with reservation.

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